An Investment Opportunity with Legs

A friend who is good with money suggested I look into cannabis real estate in California as a potential investment opportunity. I’ve made a bundle off of a political website in the last year and a half and wanted somewhere to park some money. I didn’t even consider cannabis, but I definitely should have at least thought about it. California recently legalized marijuana and the potential for growth their is enormous. It’s huge, and everyone with some money should be jumping on this bandwagon as quickly as possible. It’s best to get in early while they’re still setting up the legal structure.

So I looked into the company I found and what they appear to do is act as a landlord. They’ve bought up properties suitable for growing operations and then they find great tenants who actually know what they’re doing and get them into the properties. Investing with these guys means you get a cut of the rent. The investments will lead to them purchasing more properties and renting to more grow operations. I think I’m going to make a bundle on my investment in the coming years as California is an enormous state with an enormous market for marijuana.

The only worry I have is what the federal government might do, but even there I think this is a safe investment as many, many states have legalized the substance for medicinal purposes without serious repercussions. Even if the recreational laws are thrown out, the medical marijuana market is still huge and it is growing. With California going recreational, I think that signals an eventual decriminalization on the federal level and when that happens my investment is likely to skyrocket. I’m so confident in this plan that I’m moving funds from traditional investments over to cannabis real estate. I think everyone should.

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