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Cheap Tree Service Near Westchester, New York

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

A recent winter storm has left a bit of a mess on my property, and that is putting things lightly. I own quite a bit of property, and it took awhile for me to completley survey the damage. However, it looks like I have at least a dozen fallen trees that I would like to get cleaned up in the near future. Some fallen trees are not going to be dealt with right now, because they are not in an area where I am concerned about. I am looking for a tree service in westchester ny that does their work for cheap, as I do not want to end up spending that much money on this process.

I really only have a limited amount of money that I am going to be willing to spend on tree removal, but I can’t leave my yard in this current condition. It really looks a bit like a war zone, and most importantly, there is a tree that is blocking my driveway. Right now, I currently have to drive around the tree, to get in and out of my house. (more…)

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