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Bleaching for the Sensitive Area

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Although I really can’t see my anal region, I feel much better when it has been bleached. I think bleaching makes it look more appealing. I used to go to a spa to have my region bleached, but I didn’t really feel comfortable having someone else do the bleaching for me. There was also the matter of the price of each spa treatment. It came to a point where I would be better off using an anal bleach cream to do my own bleaching, rather than throw away money and deal with the discomfort and embarrassment that comes along with it.

Changing skin color with a bleaching cream is easy, but not just any cream should be used to do it. The anal region can be pretty sensitive, and putting bad cream on it can cause intense irritation that can last for a long time. Before doing my own bleaching, I did some research about different creams on the market. (more…)

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Stage Crew As an Introduction to Life As a Roadie

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

In an effort to expand my social circle while attending one of the largest universities in the United States, I opted to focus on my love of music and concerts and joined the college’s stage crew team. We were basically volunteer roadies for all of the visiting music groups that came to our campus and expected to unload equipment, set up band scrims and do a lot of the backstage work during the concerts.

I have to admit that going into the club, I had no idea just how much work was involved in the production of a show. I had visions that once the equipment was unloaded and set up, I would be able to enjoy the show for free and then party backstage with the band members when the concert was over. (more…)

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