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Doing Insurance the Right Way

Friday, September 8th, 2017

When you first get married or are expecting a child is often when you start to think about insurance. Youth has a way of making you think you are invincible, but mortgages, children, new cars and stuff start to veer you toward being responsible. However, instead of blowing your monthly budget on premiums, you should start with a beginners guide to insurance. You want coverage, but it has to be affordable based on your needs and budget.

Sure, it sounds cool to be insured for a few million bucks or more. You might think that level of life insurance would be helpful if something happens to you. After all, if you had to go, you would want your family taken care of. However, you should be concerned with your mortgage payment, college tuition for your children and other things based on your lost income, not making your family rich. This keeps you premiums affordable. (more…)

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