I Can See Clearly Now

I’ve injured myself many times while trying to enter my home at night because of a lack of light. There is a porch light in my home, but I can’t turn it on from the outside. I even started carrying a flashlight around with me, but the batteries eventually died, and I injured myself again. The only way to fix this problem was to get landscape lighting in Pompano Beach. Lighting on the outside of my home that could be activated without an inside switch was essential, because it would allow me to get to the inside without stepping on anything.

Wiring on the outside would have cost more than I was willing to spend, so I decided to go with portable lighting that was powered by the sun. The lighting has a solar cell at the top that absorbs sunlight during the day. When the night comes, there is a sensor that knows that there is a lack of light, so it turns on the light that runs from the stored solar energy. The light will stay on until sunrise, and then start the energy absorption process all over again. The lights become really bright in the nighttime.

Even when there are days where the sun is being blocked by clouds, the solar cells can still absorb and store enough light to light the outside. Since the lights aren’t permanently fixed to the ground, I can move them to any point I want. Right now I have them arranged around the porch. I’m thinking about getting some more to put along the driveway, similar to the landing lights at an airport. Another bonus of having the lights is that I can see whenever anyone tries to come on my lawn in the middle of the night. There are a few dogs that roam the neighborhood at night.

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