I Like to Dress for Success

I am a young man in my prime. I take great pride in my appearance. I exercise regularly and eat the right foods. I also keep my hair and mustache trimmed and shaved. Most importantly, I always make sure I have the appropriate clothes for the appropriate occasion. My father taught me at an early age that I have to dress for success in life. I am able to dress for causal, formal, and black-tie events. My collection of unique bow ties aid me in my pursuit of the perfect style. With these little trinkets, I can maneuver through any environment.

I prefer pre-tied bows to wear. I like them because the ties are convenient and easy to use. I do not have to waste time struggling to tie on myself. I can just put it on my neck and go where I need to go. My collection has an eclectic mix for me to choose at my whim.

One of my favorite ties is my dollar tie. It is a necktie with a design of a one dollar bill. I usually wear this one when I make important business decisions or when I take care of financial matters in my household. I feel so relaxed when I make business deals with my dollar tie.

Another favorite of mine is my classic black tie. It might seem weird, but I think it is my good luck charm. My father gave me the tie when I was a twelve. It was entrance into manhood. It was a right of passage. Every time I where this tie, something good always happens to me. I wore the tie to my college graduation. I will also be wearing it this September when I marry my beautiful fiancee in South Korea. I cannot wait until the magic day. I will need all the luck I can get.

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