I Wonder if This is Effective

Someone at work showed me the blog post, a facelift without surgery review. I looked at it and thought about how effective it would be. Obviously I have seen people who use botox and in theory that is effective, but it seems to be something that is done either artistically or it is done in some bumbling way. You have to be able to use just enough of it, because if you get too much that is going to be really odd looking. It is a bizarre thing, the way that people look when you know that they have had the injection done. It is like the face is frozen in a strange way. If the thing is done properly, then you can not really tell what is going on, the effect is a lot more subtle than it is when it is not done in moderation by someone who really knows what they are doing.

In fact there are lots of people doing this that have actually no business with access to any sort of drugs. They hand the stuff out like it was candy. I am definitely not going to trust some random person to inject me with something that is actually a poison. You have to think about the consequences of your actions. However I am surely not going to let anyone cut me with a knife if there is not a vital reason to do it. A surgery can have all sorts of terrible things go bad. You can get infections and the infections can kill you if they are bad enough. There are always going to be problems in the incision area and some of the time the only solution is to go back in fix it. That in turn can lead to more bad things.

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