Is This Sort of Thing Safe?

I have been thinking about this ever since I ran into this guy at a party a couple of weeks ago. He was smoking this herbal smoking mix in a pipe, the sort of one that you see people smoke pot in. The truth is that some other people were smoking it because they thought it was pot, but I could smell the stuff and I could see that they were really not getting happy about the taste of the stuff. In fact I could not really stop thinking about all of the stuff you read in the papers about things that they call bath salts and synthetic marijuana. In fact they sell the stuff in convenience stores and gas stations, but they occasionally have some really bizarre effects on people. The guy who wanted to eat some other person’s face is the most scary one. However people have psychotic episodes all of the time after taking these things. In the law they are called analogs, since the people who create them over in China are trying to replicate the effect of illegal street drugs.

The stuff that you read about synthetic marijuana is the weirdest, since you never hear about people smoking weed and wanting to kill people. Instead they smoke weed and bad things happen to bags of junk food and the cushions on couches. They have all sorts of problems with people who use the synthetic stuff, they really go crazy a lot of the time. In fact the only reasons to use it is that you can skate through a drug test if you smoke the stuff. The big story is what you hear about a bunch of cadets at the Naval Academy who were smoking the stuff and some of them went off of the deep end.

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