Keeping Our Existing Windows but Improving Energy Efficiency

We wanted a window solution to keep the grand wooden windows we have here at our house. We painstakingly restored the weathered wooden frames inside and out, but these are not energy-efficient double-glazed windows. They are the thin 4mm glass panes. We looked for UPVC double glazed windows in Sydney, and we discovered an 8mm glass option instead. We like glass better than any plastic option. I like the durability of glass and how it does not scratch and get cloudy no mater how many times you clean it.

This is why when I get eyeglasses, I get real glass. I have had plastic lenses that barely made it a year before I could not see through the scratches. My last pair of eyeglasses I had made of glass never did scratch. I only needed to replace them because I broke them by dropping them onto a tile floor. For windows, glass is a superior product in practically every way. Having 8mm-thick glass added to the inside really added a protective layer thermally and physically. The spanjolet locking mechanism is also very secure compared to the type of window locks you have even on modern windows.

The neat way they install these is to use a frameless system that installs the window glass barrier on the inside of your existing windows. It uses a discrete hinge and spanjolet lock that lets you open and close the added layer. This lets you easily clean the glass or gain access to the existing window for ventilation or other needs. I like the look a lot. It does not interfere with the restored look of our older windows, and makes them energy efficient. The thick glass and the air space between it and the existing window gives you that double-glazed effect without needing to replace your existing windows.

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