Little Things I Have Learned from Public Speaking Seminars

I have never been afraid of speaking in public. I figure that what I have to say is of value to someone, and I can communicate using words that people understand. I like to make people laugh, and I am not beyond using other emotions to get a point across. However, even though I feel natural at speaking to groups, I wanted to be the best I can be at it. I started going to public speaking seminars to learn how to make my presentations at work and to the public better. There is so much about body language alone that contributes to the success or failure of what you have to say in public.

Add in voice inflection and the use of confusing idioms or mixed metaphors, and you can have a mess on your hands when speaking in public. It is also important to keep on topic. I like a lot of different things. I use analogies in public speaking to make points to different groups. However, I stick to the topic. If I was speaking about health things to a group of car enthusiasts, I could use engine and other analogies to get the points across, but I would have to stay on topic and not wander off on a tangent of an old Chevy I would like to rebuild.

I learned early on about putting your audience at ease right off the bat. You have to have a mix of a commanding presence with a little bit of humor. It breaks that nervous tension and absorbs people into what you are telling them. They have to trust you at least a little before they will listen to what it is you have to say. Oh, and as far as humor goes, you need to use it wisely. Not everything you think is funny will be funny to every audience you speak to.

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