My Brother Needed New Software for His Business

My brother builds cabinets for a living. He started off doing small odd and end jobs when he first bought his range of saws. People started to take notice at what he was doing, and the orders started pouring in. While my brother is a great craftsman, he is not so much for the business end of things. He asked me to help him when the paperwork started piling up, and I was happy to lend a hand. It was not long before I knew we needed a company that does bespoke software development in Sheffield.

There were just so many different facets to what we needed in a software program, and I was not able to find any that could help us. I knew that it would be easier all the way around to just have one designed specifically for us. The software he was using did a lot, and we just wanted to build off of that. We wanted to be able to handle inventory, customer accounts, email marketing and more in one spot instead of having to switch through multiple programs. I found a company not too far from us that specializes exactly in what we needed.

I was able to talk with the development team there to explain what we wanted, and they actually gave us some suggestions of other things we may want included. Now when my brother is running short on a specific piece of inventory, we are alerted well in advance. If we want to order just that, it takes just a few presses of a button to make it happen. If we want to send an email coupon to a certain group of people, it is another few pushes of a button. It really has made life so much better for my brother, and I am glad that he is doing so well!

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