My Children Don’t Know Just How Smart I Am

My kids have been at me for many months about the things that they want for Christmas. I tried to tell them both that they should be mailing a letter to Santa with all their requests, but they thought that was pretty funny because they say they know that he doesn’t exist. So, they pester me quite a bit. I try to act as if I’m not paying attention when they talk about the things they want. They hope that I will buy gaming accessories and a lot of things for their bedrooms such a chairs for their friends and such.

When it comes to Christmas presents, I hear a lot of ‘Mom, did you hear me? Mom?” I figure if my boys really knew that they have my ear at all times, the gift requests would increase even further. So, it’s best to act innocent, and then surprise them on Christmas day. When it comes to the truly important things like schoolwork, music lessons and how they are doing over all, I immediately turn my full attention to what they are saying. You would think they would have noticed a pattern, but they haven’t yet. That is a good thing. Even when I am busy, I know that I need to pay attention to what my kids are talking about.

The boys are getting old enough that I can’t really hide gifts in the house very easily anymore. As soon I am away from the house for a short time, they start digging and searching around the house because they hope to find out where I hide gifts at. I overheard them talking about it. But I outsmarted them and have all gifts shipped to their grandparent’s house instead. When it comes time wrap everything, I will head over there to do it, and then put everything under the tree on Christmas Eve.

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