My Kids Urged Me to Start Caring About Myself Again

My wife left me out of the blue, and it broke my heart into pieces. I ended up becoming depressed and was barely there for my children, much less myself. I gained weight. I became flabby. I could barely get up a couple of flights of stairs easily. My kids urged me to start working out. My oldest son told me to read a Crazy Bulk review to learn about the product that he uses to gain muscle and lose fat. I decided to look up some reviews before purchasing it, and everything my son said about it was true. So, I decided to get some for myself, and I must say that it really made sculpting my body much easier than before I started takng it. I think that it helped me to stick with my workout plan more easily because of the great results that it gave me.

I don’t blame myself for becoming depressed. I gave my marriage everything that I had to give, but my then-wife just didn’t care. She was sort of an unhappy person in the first place, and she was never satisfied with much of anything. So, I don’t know how I ever thought that i would satisfy her as a good husband for the rest of our lives. But I loved her and hoped that everything would turn out. She didn’t even say goodbye to me in person. She took all her stuff and moved out while I was at a work retreat. I came home to a mostly empty note and a short note saying that she was leaving me.

When I finally realized that my life wasn’t over, the kids helped me to get back on track. I work out with my son 4 times per week now, and I really enjoy the father and son time. My daughter is a runner, and she has talked me into running two days per week on the weekends with her. I enjoy all the time spent with her, too. I must say that I am also feeling good and looking good, too.

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