They Brought Our Plant Up to Speed Quickly

We employed a firm that does mechanical engineering services recently to bring an old plant up to working condition so we could resume production here in the country. The new administration in Washington is very amenable to making businesses conditions better for those companies who wish to make things in America. They’re actually doing a lot of things behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. They’re cutting regulations right and left, for one thing, so that running a production facility here will be a better use of resources than shipping the whole manufacturing team overseas.

The money is also starting to flow. There are a lot of grants and blocks of money moving into the states to make sure that Americans will have access to well paying production and manufacturing jobs. It’s actually incredible to see this happening after so many years of just moving production overseas and not caring about the people in this country. It’s pretty hard to raise a family when the only jobs available are low paying retail and service jobs. We are fully behind the new administration, but we needed to do a lot of work on our plant to make sure it’s up to code.

The firm we hired basically dealt with the HVAC system, which had fallen into total uselessness over the years. Our team went in and examined the system and suggested we bring in a mechanical engineering team to fix the entire system. They said they were afraid to attempt to even run it in case it started a fire. So we brought in the company to fix the problems, and they were the absolute best people for the job. They gutted the whole system and made a plan to replace it with something smaller and more efficient that would actually generate more power. A job well done!

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