We Got a Great New Dog

Of course we started to think about this as soon as we bought the property. It is not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but you can not see the nearest house. It is about an eighth of a mile away and there are not many others. At any rate we decided that we needed a big dog, the sort that would deter anyone with bad ideas. I paid a lot of money for it, she is a German Shepherd with great bloodlines. The guy sold me the dog and a doghouse bed that works pretty well. I liked it because it gives the dog a place to lay down which is up off of the floor. It is a puppy now, but it is pretty big for a puppy and it is going to get even bigger. So you do not really want it on the rugs and the carpets so much.

We really want to try to train the dog, but the fact is that it is hard to believe how well trained it’s parents are. They did not let us get near the mother, because she was not at all thrilled to have us near her puppy. The entire time we were there it was straining at it’s chain and barking at us. The father was pure white and it had been trained for all of the stuff that you would want a big scary dog to do. However they do not really need to be trained too much when you think about it. A dog is going to be part of a pack and it is going to be ready to fight anyone who messes with any part of the pack. Obviously we are going to be the family now. When I was a kid my dog would not let other kids tackle me.

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