We Spent the Weekend at the Beach

Of course it was an easy thing for me because my friend Andy owns a lot of real estate and he has a huge beach house. This place is way too big for a single family. Instead you go there with your cousins and your aunts and your uncles and your grandparents. It is a big thing if you are going to rent the place, but we just tagged along with a bunch of friends. The place is amazing, in fact there was a 800mm wide towel radiator in the bathroom that we were using. That was a strange thing for me, since I did not really understand why you want a heated towel enough to bother with that sort of thing. I suppose that it is nice when you are getting out of the shower, but obviously this is going to cost you money and there is not any way to convince me that I could not find a better way to spend the money.

The house is on Emerald Isle NC, which is the sort of place where you go if you want to have a nice quiet vacation with your girlfriend or your wife. That is exactly what we did. Andy had some surf fishing gear in a little shed and I spent quite a bit of time fishing on the beach, which I had not done since I was a teenager. When we went on vacation with my uncle he would teach me how to fish off of the beach and I remembered all of the important stuff about it. I caught a couple of nice pan sized trout. I think they were called speckled trout and that was what I would call them from looking at them. They tasted really good after I made a batter and fried them up.

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